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About Font

Category: Display
Style: Anafor Basic & Anafor Crash
Support: Latin Extended
Release 2018
Design: Erman Yılmaz


The content of the typeface design takes its focus from an article by Aykut Köksal, titled “On The Urban Space, Art, and The Temporality.” “Today’s modern city” concept is a sort of a chaotic continuum generated out of spontaneity, and it transforms each object it consumes to a part of it.


Construction period of Anafor deeply inspired by the pioneer of geometric abstract art and the creator of the avant-garde suprematist movement Kazimir Severinovic, Malevich’s suprematist compositions. Anafor typeface is separated from the basic Latin letters in terms of character and letter structure. Furthermore, The forms and main structure are designed together with alternatives by taking into account the relationships between the defined angles.Anafor contains certain aspects of a display typeface, due to the structure of the letter forms that are open to abstract connotations.
Typeface family includes 2 styles; Anafor Basic and Anafor Crash. Each individual style has 235 glyphs and it has OpenType encoding. Due to the diversity of three styles, Anafor is providing a wide range of possibilities for the user.