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About Font

Format:OTF, TTF, WEB
Category: Display
Style: Gaslamp Grotesk & Gaslamp Decorative
Support: Latin Extended
Release 2019
Design: Erman Yılmaz


Gaslamp Typeface is a project inspired by alternative hiphop producer and DJ, William Benjamin Bensussen (also known as ‘Gaslamp Killer’) and his song ‘Turk Max’. Gaslamp Typeface has two different weights; Gaslamp grotesque and Gaslamp dekorative. Gaslamp Typeface focuses on the rhythm of Turkish (Anatolian) music tunes and electronic sounds on the letter forms.


During exploring existing forms in the design process, each glyph has been drawn upon reference points from images that laid inspiration.
In order to collect images, hand laboured works brought together with simply brute and cheap imitations of those originals made and found in Anatolia. By doing that, it’s targeted to include elements that would stiffen the project to the region’s kitch reality.